Sailing charter in the Aland Islands

Sailing charter in the islands with, the largest specialist boat rental in Spain. The Aland Islands are an archipelago belonging to Finland and in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland.

The Aland islands were populated by Swedish Vikings in the Middle Ages. The islands belonged to Sweden for centuries, and that is why the language spoken in them is Swedish and Swedish as culturally.

The islands were invaded by Russia twice, with Finland; pro after the Crimean War the islands became a demilitarized zone and free trade. Passing the First World War, Finland occupied the islands.

In the capital, Mariehamn, lives less than half of the population.

The Aland Islands are made up of six thousand seven hundred islands, islets and reefs. The main island is Fasta Aland and is home to ninety percent of the population, and accounts for seventy percent of the total territory.

Aland Islands are the casually in a strategic position as one of the entrances dominate the harbor of Stockholm, are also located at the entrance of the Gulf of Bothnia, and near the Gulf of Finland.

Sailing charter in the Aland Islands Of these six thousand seven hundred islands are habitable three hundred of which are inhabited only eighty. The rest are islands of bare rock.

Aland has a subpolar oceanic climate with cold winters, cool summers and sometimes warm. The average temperature in winter is zero degrees Celsius, while in summer the average temperature is fourteen degrees Celsius although sometimes twenty degrees Celsius are reached.

Aland is still uncharted territory for the masses of tourists, despite being uns islands with a certain charm.

Aland we can perform activities such as hiking, canoeing, surfing, fishing … among many that offer us the hundreds of islands of this archipelago.

If we are lucky and our trip coincides with one of those few days when the temperature is good for swimming, there are many beaches where you will not find crowds of tourists. We could say that, in general, Aland never find mass tourism; It is the ideal destination if you want to cry.

This archipelago is not the typical holiday dream destination for the entire population, with crystal clear turquoise waters, white sand and palm leaves above us; but we offer unique things.

Some days in the year the sun does not get to catch and this leaves us magical moments in these islands.

It has different shades of green, thanks to forests with different trees, shrubs and herbs.

All tourists who have visited these islands have recommended to do so by boat or any boat, not only for the numerous islands to be visited, but also by the breathtaking views that present themselves from the sea.

Not everyone has the luck to have a boat or your own boat and be able to travel and explore with it. Therefore I leave here a website where you can find a variety of boats.

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